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i got one of those amazon rewards credit cards and i dunno i’ve had it for like a month or something and i use it to pay for gas mostly so you know i’ve spent a lot and i’ve only gotten back like $1 in amazon rewards lol :( i was so excited and then so let down

whenever anything remotely positive or exciting happens in my life…mom is the first person i call. grateful for that



Like Mother, Like Daughter

Previously: Like Father, Like Son

Drake Help Me Through This

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me: i don't even care. i'm not going to talk about this anymore.
me: and you know what else? [2000 word rant]

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attracted to men sexually, repelled by men emotionally

You must not reduce yourself to a puddle just because the person you like is afraid to swim and you are a fierce sea to them; because there will be someone who was born with love of the waves within their blood, and they will look at you with fear and respect.

T.B. LaBerge // Things I’m Still Learning at 25 (via tblaberge)