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omfg. all i wanna do is make sweet potato black bean chili


Midnight in Prague (pt.4) by impo5siblr

question about photoshop

ok i’m brand new to using photoshop and my question is this… if i crop an image, how can i make sure it doesn’t look like shit when i go to print it? send help plss

i just decided to quit smoking like 10 minutes ago. no seriously i called a quitline and they’re sending me patches in the mail. this is gonna be sucksville but i’m gonna do it and you’re all my witness ok

how to pronounce joaquin phoenix

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Punk as fuck


Punk as fuck

yesterday was awesome. family went on vaca, started day drinking wine at 10 AM then hung out with the BFF all day in the pool. yesterday was pay day. bought crabs and brews for me and my friends. smoked 2 blunts w friends. it was great